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Tigerexchange: Only Legal Cricket Betting Exchange in India

As the only legal cricket betting exchange in India, Tigerexchange is a unique and valuable resource. With Tigerexchange, we aim to make cricket betting more like the financial markets in terms of pricing transparency, liquidity, and low transaction costs, all of which the latter two sectors have perfected.

Tigerexchange Betting that occurs during a game's "live" action

Your bets are available for purchase and liquidation at any time. There is now instant gratification, with no need to wait for results or a "Cash Out" button. There will never be a time when you are unable to enter.

The Better The Tigerexchange Odds, The Higher The Tigerexchange Wins.

We don't take bets against our customers because that's not how an exchange works. We facilitate the meeting of buyers and sellers at the optimal market price. If you're not the "house," the chances are in your favour.

Making and breaking Tigerexchange deals

Like to the stock market, you are free to enter and exit a cricket wager at any moment. You may reduce your exposure and increase your potential returns by using Tigerexchange, the only cricket betting and trading platform that does this.

Find a way to manage your "portfolio" of Tigerexchange bets.

See the value of your betting portfolio update in real time. You should close your positions as soon as you see the market moving in either direction. When you place a bet, it is entirely up to you.

To what end does Tigerexchange exist?

One of Tigerexchange primary goals is to improve the sports betting industry by creating a user-friendly, cutting-edge hub for gamblers of all stripes. Retail investors, like those in the financial markets, have benefited greatly from the remarkable innovation that has occurred in both. Tigerexchange was developed to provide the same efficiency and cutting-edge features in the sports-betting industry, such as reduced juice, enhanced odds, and streamlined deposits and withdrawals.

What makes this Tigerexchange site unique compared to others that allow gambling?

Because we are not taking on risk like a conventional sportsbook, we are able to offer more competitive pricing through the utilisation of an exchange mechanism. We take a cut of your winnings from each sports trade you make. The software was also developed to mimic the "dynamic" nature of stock and cryptocurrency trading.

How can I become a member of Tigerexchange?

If you want to know when the iOS version of the app launches in your area, as well as when it will be ported to Android and/or your computer, sign up here.

Download the iOS app, register an account, and start trading on Tigerexchange as soon as it goes live in your state.

You can join up on getsporttrade.com to be notified when you can start placing trades, even if the Tigerexchange iOS app is not yet live in your state.

Chose Tigerexchange Bets Wisely

Tigerexchange supports the idea that our clients should be able to make educated wagering decisions.

On our site, you may find detailed information on the odds, dividends, and payouts, as well as rules specific to the many bet kinds available, all presented in clear and understandable English.

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