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SilverExch: Legal Cricket Betting in India

The SilverExch provides an option for legal cricket betting that is unlike any other option that is currently available in India.

SilverExch betting, commonly known as peer-to-peer betting, is one of the betting types that may be found on this website. In a nutshell, Prophet Exchange gives gamblers the opportunity to compete against one another rather than against an established gambling establishment.

When opposed to traditional sportsbooks, SilverExch provides a number of advantages, including the following:

Bettors have the ability to act as the house and set their own odds.

There are no betting limitations built in.

Yet, the format of SilverExch betting is also open to a number of potential drawbacks. Continue reading SilverExch's comprehensive review of SilverExch to determine whether or not this online sportsbook is the best option for you.

SilverExch Overview

Prophet Exchange is an intermediary that allows bettors to either create their own odds and accept wagers from other users or simply browse the marketplace to take open bets that other customers have created. This is in contrast to the majority of sportsbooks, which are the ones that set the odds and accept wagers from customers.

As a direct consequence of this, the market, and not the sportsbook, determines the odds for each and every wager that is placed at SilverExch. The model of an exchange enables new opportunities to discover value and permits customers to take on the role of the house for a change.

SilverExch Bonus Details

At this time, there is no bonus available for use on the SilverExch for new users. There used to be no requirement for a SilverExch discount code in order to receive an additional 100% on your initial deposit as a new customer, up to a maximum of $200 in site credit.

Visit SilverExch for more information on how readers can open an account, make their initial deposit, and stay up to date on the most recent promos (if any become available). The big appeal at the moment is earning higher odds when trading peer to peer, and we will update this review to reflect any future bonuses and promotions offered by SilverExch. In the meantime, though, the peer to peer trading platform is where the action is.

SilverExch Fundamentals of Betting on Points

If your bet were successful by one point (or unit), you would earn a sum equal to one times the amount that you wagered (wager).

In the case that you win with two units, the amount of your payout will be equal to two times the amount of the original stake that you placed. If your wager wins by 10 units, you will get an amount equal to ten times the initial investment that you made.

A similar situation occurs when one unit is lost, which results in a loss that is equal to one times the initial stake. When you suffer a loss of 10 units, the amount of your stake will be increased by 10.

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